Road Stream Crossing Site AUS_CR062

Au Sable River Watershed, Beaver Creek
I-75 Southbound
Beaver Creek Twp, Crawford County
Information collected by:
Huron Pines
Site Location
GPS Coordinates: 44.52134 , -84.66977
T25N R03W Sec 34
Owned by Private
Fish Passability 0.9
Severity: Minor
Year Inventoried: 2013
Crossing Information
Type of Crossing: culvert(s)
Number of Structures: 1
Structure Shape: Round
Inlet Type: Wingwall 10-30 Degree
Outlet Type: At Stream Grade
Structure Material: Concrete
Structure Substrate: Gravel
General Conditions: Good
Structure Interior: smooth
Dimensions of Structure: Length 120 ft. , Width 7 ft. , Height 6.6 ft.
Structure Inlet
Water Depth: 1.1 ft.
Water Velocity*: 1.43 ft./sec.
Structure Outlet
Water Depth: 0.9 ft.
Water Velocity*: 1.9 ft./sec.
*Water Velocities were measured at the Surface (with Float Test)
Stream Information
Stream Flow: Less than 1/2 Bankfull
Riffle Information
Water Depth: 0.5 ft.
Bankfull Width: 38 ft.
Wetted Width: 18 ft.
Water Velocity: 1.58 ft./sec. (Measured with Float Test)
Dominant Substrate: Sand
Road Information
Paved Federal Road
Road Condition: Good
Road Width at Culvert: 43.5 ft.
Location of Low Point: Other
Runoff Path: Ditch
Fill Depth: 6.8 ft.
Slope: More than 1:2
Fill Depth: 7 ft.
Slope: More than 1:2
Slope: Less Than 1%
Vegetation: Heavy
Length: 1000 ft.
Slope: 1% to 5%
Vegetation: Heavy
Erosion Information
Summary Information
Fish Passability 0.9
Fish Passage is an area of concern for this site. Due to length of culvert, about 120 ft.
A future visit to this site is recommended. To check fish passage.