Road Stream Crossing Site B-066

Betsie River Watershed, Rice Creek
Joyfield Twp, Benzie County
Information collected by:
GPS Coordinates: 44.58007709 , -86.09946157
T25N R15W Sec 11
Adjacent Land Owned by Private
Severity: Moderate
Cost: $0.00
Site Location
Road Approach - Left
Road Approach - Right
Crossing Information
Road Width at Culvert: 30 ft.
Road Surface: Paved
Maintenance: year around
Low Point: At Stream
Existing Drainage Control? no
Any Failings? no
Type of Crossing: culvert(s) (single culvert)
Is this crossing constricted? no
Are there adjacent wetlands? yes
Comments: Pond on the outlet end.
Left Approach
Length: 0 ft.
Slope: 0%
Vegetation: heavy
Right Approach
Length: 700 ft.
Slope: 1-5%
Vegetation: partial
Culvert Information
Length: 55 ft.
Diameter: 52 ft.
Material: concrete
Condition :fair
Flow: obstructed
Fill Depth: 12 ft.
Embankment Slope: 1:1
Fill Depth: 12 ft.
Embankment Slope: 1.5:1
Stream Information
Stream Width: 3 ft.
Stream Depth: 1 in.
Stream Current: fast
Stream Substrate: muck
Stream Width: 8 ft.
Stream Depth: 1 in.
Stream Current: slow
Erosion Information
Is there Streambank erosion beside the crossing? no
Is there embankment erosion? no
Is there erosion at the culvert outlet? no
Is there erosion at the shoulder and/or ditch? no
Is there pooling at the outlet? no
Is there sand over the crossing? no
Other Conditions: Pond on the outlet end.
Extent of Erosion: moderate
Recommended Treatments
Action Recommended? no
Add pavement? no
Add paved raised edge? no
Number of erosion control structures: 0
Number of sediment basins: 0
Number of diversion outlets: 0
Increase fill? no
Replace culvert(s)? no
Dimensions of replacement: 0
Extend culvert(s)? no
Lineal feet to extend: 0
Other Treatments: Dredge and eliminate pond for free flow.
This page last updated on 10/16/2014.