Stream Bank Erosion Site BTS-070

Total Severity: Moderate
Total Points: 29
Information collected by:
Betsie River Watershed, Betsie River
Weldon Twp, Benzie County
GPS Coordinates: 44.55812 , -86.05215
T25N R14W Sec 18
Owned by Private
Bank Details
Which Bank? Right
Bank Aspect:NW
Condition:Toe is stable; upper bank eroding
Erosion Trend:Increasing
Percent Veg. Cover: 11-50%
Bank Conditions
Stream Width:35 ft.
Stream Depth:2 ft.
Stream Current:Fast
Eroded Bank Length:75 ft.
Eroded Bank Height:15 ft.
Slope of Eroded Bank:1.5:1
Texture: Stratified
Cause(s) of Erosion
-Bend in river
Recommended Treatment(s)
-Tree revetments
General Information
Total Points