Small Dam Site AUSD_158

Au Sable River Watershed
Oscoda County
Information collected by:
Huron Pines
GPS Coordinates: 44.555812 , -83.9322784
T25N R04E Sec 15
Federal Ownership
0.44 Upstream Miles Reconnected
Ranking: 5
Site Location
Land Use Information
Impoundment or Dam Use Information
Wildlife Pond
Structural Information
Barrier Type
Earthen Berm
Other Barrier Types:
Construction Materials
Other Construction Materials:
Not sure
Other Site Features
Other Site Features:
Locked top on structure
Upstream Conditions
Change to Lake / Pond
Wetland Flooding
Is there evidence of erosion?
At Structure
Can bankfull width upstream of Impoundment be determined? no
Direct Stream Measurements
Widest Impoundment Width (ft): 150
Impoundment Length (ft): 300
Area of Impoundment (sf): 5 acres
Widest Width of Plunge Pool (ft): 5
Width After Plunge Pool (ft): 1
Depth After Plunge Pool (ft): 1
Width (ft): 2
Length (ft): 40
Water Velocity (ft/sec): 0
Structure Characteristics
Height of Head (ft): 8
Height of Structure (ft): ?
Freeboard Available (ft): ?
Embankment Length (ft): 6
Other Pertinent Information
Physical Condition Ranking: 5
Dominant substrates UPSTREAM: sand/silt
Dominant substrates DOWNSTREAM: sand/silt
Dam has ability to regulate water level? no
Is the dam being actively managed? yes
Is another dam or road crossing visible up or down stream? no
Are there any invasive species easily identified? no
This page last updated on 12/28/2012.