Road Stream Crossing Site PIGN_PR32

Pigeon River Watershed, Unnamed
Sparr Rd
Otsego County
Information collected by:
Huron Pines
Site Location
GPS Coordinates: 45.0417243,-84.579163
T 031N R 002 Sec 32
Fish Passability: Barrier at High Flows
Structure is NOT Perched
Total Erosion: 0.05 tons/year
Overall Score: 21
Severity: Moderate
Date Inventoried: 10/8/2021
Road Approach - Left
Road Approach - Left
Road Approach - Right
Road Approach - Right
Upstream Conditions
Upstream Conditions
Downstream Conditions
Downstream Conditions
Representative Reach
Representative Reach
Site Sketch
Site Sketch
Crossing Information*
Type of Crossing: Culvert(s)
Number of Structures: 1
Structure Shape: Ellipse
Inlet Type: Projecting
Structure Material: Metal
Structure Substrate: Mixture
General Conditions: Moderate to major deterioration from corrosion or abrasion (less than 5% of the structure has small holes or is nearly rusted through) or cracking or spalling or chipping (several small cracks or moderate chipping in the concrete). OR Moderate shape changes (described above).
Structure Interior: Corrugated
Is Structure Rusted through? No
Dimensions of Structure: Length 46 ft. Width 2.5 ft. Height 2.5 ft.
Percentage Plugged: None or 0%
Percentage Crushed: 1% - 20%
Structure is NOT Perched
Structure Inlet
Water Depth: 0.8 ft.
Embedded Depth of Structure: 0.1 ft.
Water Velocity*: 0.2 ft./sec.
Structure Outlet
Water Depth: 1.4 ft.
Embedded Depth of Structure: 0.1 ft.
Water Velocity*: 0.2 ft./sec.
*Water Velocities were measured 1.2 ft. below the surface (via Flow Meter).
Stream Information
Stream Flow: < Bankfull The stream channel is more than half filled with water, but is not full.
Stream Flow Type: Perennial (if flowing during the time of assessment.)
Is Scour Pool Present? Yes
Scour Pool: Length 16 ft., Width 7 ft., Depth 1.6 ft.
Is Upstream Ponding Present? No
Riffle Information
Water Depth: 0.5 ft.
Bankfull Width: 6.5 ft.
Wetted Width: 3 ft.
Water Velocity: 0.2 ft./sec. (measured via Flow Meter)
Dominant Substrate: Sand particles are smaller than a pinhead and feel gritty between fingers
Road Information
Road Surface: Paved
Owner: County
Road Condition: Old Pavement or Rutted, Minor cracking or rutting/ponding at crossing all or part of crossing length.
Road Core Integrity: Good (no symptoms of lack of integrity)
Road Width at Culvert: 26 ft.
Location of Low Point: At Stream
Runoff Path: Ditch
Fill Depth: 2.3 ft.
Slope: Gentle, 3:1, 15, or 33%
Fill Depth: 2.5 ft.
Slope: Gentle, 3:1, 15, or 33%
Left Approach
Length: 1000 ft.
Slope: < 1%
Vegetation: Partial, Ditch has some vegetation and some bare, eroding places.
Erosion Estimate: 0.05 tons/year
Right Approach
Length: 100 ft.
Slope: < 1%
Vegetation: Heavy, Ditch is fully vegetated or rip-rapped with no signs of erosion.
Erosion Estimate: 0 tons/year
Erosion Information
Estimate of Total Erosion at Crossing: 0.05 tons/year
Summary Information
Fish Passability: Barrier at High Flows
Is a future visit to this site recommended? Yes, Replacement planned.
Were any non-native species observerd at this site? Yes, Knapweed.
*These data are maintained in the Michigan DNR Road Stream Crossing Inventory.