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Cedar River Watershed

The Cedar River Watershed drains 186 square miles in Clare, Gladwin and Roscommon, MI before flowing into the Tittabawassee River and eventually Saginaw Bay via the Saginaw River. The upper portions of the watershed support cold-water fisheries and the main stem of the upper Cedar River features the only designated “Blue Ribbon Trout Stream” reach in the Saginaw River Watershed. From Wiggins Lake downstream to the confluence of the Cedar River to the Tobacco River, the system supports a popular warm-water fishery. The watershed also supports a variety of other recreation opportunities including hunting, camping, and hiking, which help support local economies. This inventory data was collected by the Leon P Martuch Chapter of Trout Unlimited, in partnership with Huron Pines and other conservation entities, and represents a Phase I survey of the coldwater portions of the watershed. A Phase II to inventory warm-water portions of the watershed is planned, if funding support can be found for the effort

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This page last updated on 11/4/2019.