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The Lake Charlevoix Watershed

The Lake Charlevoix Watershed encompasses the lake and its many tributaries, including the Jordan and Boyne Rivers.  The Jordan River was the first in Michigan to become a Natural River, and flows through the Jordan River Valley, an 18,000-acre block of state owned forest land in northeast Antrim County.   The Jordan River is 22.9 miles long and its 29 tributaries comprise an additional 90 miles of stream.  The subwatershed is comprised of approximately 127 square miles and empties into Lake Charlevoix in the town of East Jordan.  The Boyne River is comprised of the North and South Branches, with the North being colder and more conducive to trout.  The Boyne includes 22 miles of stream and has 3 dams on the mainstem.

The Lake Charlevoix Watershed Steering Committee meets quarterly and is facilitated by the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council.  The Friends of the Boyne River and Friends of the Jordan River are members of this committee and work on a variety of issues within their own sub-watersheds.

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This page last updated on 11/4/2019.