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The Maple River Watershed

The Maple River’s watershed spans 231 square miles, has 23 miles of river and flows into Burt Lake, a part of the Cheboygan River Watershed.  The Maple River has 2 main branches, the West Branch that drains from Larks Lake and the East Branch flowing from Douglas Lake.  The two branches meet at Lake Kathleen, an artificial impoundment formed in response to a 15’ high cement dam.  The East Branch is one of five streams where the federally listed, endangered Hungerford’s Crawling Water Beetle is found.  The West Branch has the best trout habitat in the watershed due to the cold water temperatures and forested corridor.

A number of state, private, federal and local entities cooperate on restoration projects throughout the watershed.  Conservation Resource Alliance, Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council and Trout Unlimited are some of the active groups.

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This page last updated on 11/4/2019.